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Thank your for your interest in The Residence at Lake Jackson.

In our efforts to maintain a quality neighborhood, we have devised a very thorough screening process. If you meet the application standards and are accepted, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that other residents are being screened with equal care.

Please read the following application criteria before filling out application.

Rental Application Criteria

Equal Housing: This community does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, handicap, familial status, sexual orientation, or national origin.

Identification: All visitors must present a current photo ID issued by a state or government authority.

Occupancy: A maximum of two occupants per bedroom. A child is not considered an occupant until 2 yrs. of age.

Application for Residency: All applicants 18 years or older who will be living in the apartment and/or contributing to the payment of rent must complete an application.

Qualifying Standards

Rental History: Up to 24 months of rental history may be verified on present and previous residence. Eviction, skip or money left owing to a landlord with seven (7) years of application date or falsification of this application will may result in an automatic rejection.

Credit History: An unsatisfactory credit report can disqualify an applicant from renting an apartment home at this community. An unsatisfactory credit report is one which reflects past or current bad debts, late payments or unpaid bills, liens, judgments or bankruptcies. Persons declined by credit system due to no credit history may qualify with additional deposit.

Income: Applicants must have a verifiable income source. Combined gross income must equal three (3) times the amount of rent. Acceptable income verification includes: Four (4) weeks of consecutive paystubs, a notarized letter from employer, the most recent W2, our proof of assets equal to 1 times the lease term. Self-employed applicants may be required to supply the most recent IRS tax return or certified verification from their company accountant or bank. Retired must provide documentation of ability to pay rent. Students must proof of financial aid or attain an approved Lease Guarantor.

Lease Guarantors: A Lease Guarantor and/or additional security deposit may be required upon rental application(s). Lease guarantors may be accepted for income qualification purposes only and must reside in the USA. Guarantors must qualify based not only on the proposed rent amount for the applicant’s apartment, but the combination of the proposed rent plus their own housing obligation. A Guarantor must gross income (5) five times the amount of rent.

Non US or US Citizens without SSN or ITIN: Applicants must provide I-94, I-94W (immigration arrival or departure approval to be in the US or I-20 (International Student approval to be in the US). The lease end date cannot extend past the date the applicants are approved to be in the US. Applicants with student and/or worker’s visas must pay additional deposit equivalent to two (2) month’s market rent. Applicants with other visa types must pay full lease term up front. Applicants must also provide proof of verifiable income.

Criminal Background Check: A criminal background check will be run on all applicants. An applicant may be automatically denied in the event the applicant(s) have ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor for a crime against a person, another person’s property or against society. The applicant(s) may also be declined if they have received adjudication or has been charges with a felony or misdemeanor offense(s) with in the past seven (7) years for a crime against a person, another person’s property or against society. An automatic denial will also occur should an applicant appear on the list of known terrorists and wanted fugitives as provided by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), federal agencies to include the FBI or other state and local law enforcement agencies.

The applicant agrees that the lease shall be terminated in the event the applicant, after moving into the property, is convicted of a felony or misdemeanor for a crime against a person, another person’s property or against society, and/or appears on the list of known terrorists and wanted fugitives. Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.

Pricing is based on the specific apartment, lease term, and move-in date. This application does not reserve a unit until all fees are received and application is approved.

A leasing representative will call you within 24-hr of submitting application to go over all fees needed and all leasing information.

By clicking the continue button below, you acknowledge you have read and understand the criteria and application process.


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